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In order to appreciate the benefits of promotional clothing and workwear, it’s important to understand the value of identity to both parties; effectually being that of the employee and that of the customer. It is the perception from both sides that becomes the driving force to effective promotional clothing and workwear. 
When we endorse a brand or message on our clothing it becomes a part of that person’s identity and they essentially become an ambassador for that brand whether they realise it or not. Big sports and designer brands are a great example of the power of branded clothing especially with the younger generations, who will quite happily purchase expensive clothing in the hope that their image and self-worth will be catapulted into the stratosphere amongst their peers. 
The act of giving and receiving is a tradition that runs deep in our heritage dating back thousands of years. If we take a look into the past at why gifting became a way of life for our ancestors, then we can see how that has developed into the act of giving and receiving we all participate in today. With more companies endorsing promotional merchandise each year it’s no surprise that it has become a £1 billion-pound industry in the UK and Ireland alone. Thus, making it an extremely effective means to reach out to new networks and create new business partnerships. 
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